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Historical Aircraft Display Days  
Monday, April 22, 2024  
  Agua Dulce1st Saturday9am-4pm 
  Chino1st SaturdayAt Flying Tigers, 10am-2pm, 4 hour display req'd 
  Gillespie Field1st SaturdayAt terminal building, 845am - 10am, Phyllis Trombi 
  Santa Paula1st SundayAt museum adjacent restaurant 
  Brown Field2nd Saturday9am-11am, at EAA next to tower. 
  Camarillo2nd SaturdayWaypoint Cafe - not consistent 
  Catalina2nd Saturday10am-2pm, landing fee non aeroclub members 
  Corona2nd SaturdayAt the restaurant by pilot lounge, or at club house 
  Fox Field2nd Saturday 
  Reid Hillview2nd Saturday11am-3pm at the terminal 
  Apple Valley2nd SundayTransient ramp north of terminal. 
  Borrego Valley2nd Sunday1-2pm, Meadow Chase. Transient parking by the office 
  Brown Field2nd Sunday9am-11am, at EAA next to tower. 
  Fullerton2nd SundayIn front of Wings Cafe, Dennis Newbury, 129.875 ramp freq. 
  Whiteman Airport2nd SundayAsk for progressive, half way to north end, blue hanger HH9 
  Big Bear3rd SaturdayAvailable all day 
  Brown Field3rd Saturday9am-11am, at EAA next to tower. 
  Flabob3rd SaturdayAll day, EAA pancake breakfast 8-11am 
  Mohave3rd Saturday 
  Van Nuys3rd Saturday10am-2pm Tom Rincker, Prop Park, end of A3, far NW 
  Brackett Field3rd SundayNext to terminal building 
  Chino3rd SundayBase of the tower, 10am-2pm, 4 hour display req'd 
  Montgomery Field3rd Sunday12-2pm, Clark Andrews 
  Ramona3rd SundayCruiseair, Pacific Executive, Chuck Hall Av, 1-2pm 
  Torrance, CA3rd SundayMuseum 10am-2pm ONLY MAY, NOV, DEC, otherwise 4th Sunday 
  Gillespie Field4th Saturday11am-12pm, Safari Aviation West, East end Hanger 
  Riverside Airport4th SaturdayEnds at noon, Eden Block 
  El Monte4th Sunday10:30am-1:30pm Display with Half-Off Coupon at Annia's 
  Torrance4th SundayMuseum 10am-2pm except MAY, NOV, DEC 
  Rosamond SkyparkLast SaturdayFBO Transient-Doug Triplat 
  FallbrookLast Sunday12-2pm Transient Ramp far end Rwy 18, CAP George Watson